Anchors of the Armless Gods 12" etched Vinyl (2009)

Our second full length album, recorded at Mr. Justs then newly built High Tide studios. Though he wanted to do things properly and give us a decent sound, we opted for the trademark Buckshot chaos and ended with this ugly sonic beast. Notable for it's painstakingly etched B side portrait of Barbara Steele from the classic demo cover and the diverse array of colored vinyl editions available, "Anchors of the Armless Gods" was self financed and released by the band with no assistance from any labels or distributors. Each copy comes with limited edition stickers and a pro copied insert with lyrics and art. To date, the record has reportedly made its way to record stores in the Ukraine and Australia. The album closes with the song "Sgt. Ferrier", a tribute to a departed friend that we always close our shows with. Free Download

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