Buck Clip (4/2015)

Here it is, the official video for "Living Ghosts of the North Shore", directed by Kirk Farrington and filmed at the Comiskey Park bar in St. James, Long Island on St. Patricks day weekend 2015 (see post below for more info on that night.).

1/2015 update: Winter live season over, Fergus sad

Thanks to all the freaks who showed love at the Meatlocker in Montclair, NJ last friday.  It was great playing with fellow Long Islanders Dealers. It was also great playing a house show the next night with Huldra, homeboys Mother Brain and Pink Mass for their guitarist Josh's birthday party. Video of our first song that night can be seen to the right. With this exciting live season over for Buckshot Facelift, your boys are taking a break to finish writing new material to be released later this year. From our record release riot show at Comiskey park in St. James to our many infamous trips to both North and South Jersey, we will cherish the slobberknocker that was the 2014-15 Fall/Winter grind season. Our drummer Fergus, saddened by the realization that we have no more shows booked for a few months, was quoted as saying "EWAA!". We thank everyone who has shown us support on this "Living Ghosts of the North Shore" movement and promise to come back harder and uglier than ever before later this year with brand new recipes straight from the basement.
"Dont Hang on the Pipes"
-Buckshot Facelift 1/27/2015


Thanks to all the freaks who have been supporting us on this  "Living Ghosts of the North Shore" EP, especially everybody who came out to our record release party at Comiskey Park bar last month!
We are covering alot of ground this month so come out and celebrate with us! We will be throwing some old songs from our first album in with the set and selling some creepy new merch afterwards! CHEERS!
-December 6th 
@ The South Jersey Deathfest (as covered here in PhillyMetal.com)

-December 14th 
Trans Pecos, NYC w/ Psalm Zero, Humanless, Blood Mist

-December 21st
Club Evenflow, Bay Shore Long Island  W/ Cognitive, Weird and Pissed Off,
Enemy of the State, and more.

Also be sure to come get weird with us at the first official:

"You're worth it."

Buckshot Facelift 
Valentines Day Massacre 

Summer 2014 update

Summer is here and we have finally emerged from the Patchogue boiler room where we recorded our new
EP "Living Ghosts of the North Shore" with Keith Moore (Audio Playground). The same studio is where we recorded "Elders Rasp", for those of you who've been paying attention. Details about the release of this material will follow in the weeks to come, but for now you can come watch us play a few select shows this summer and hear the entire EP live plus some old bonus bucks from the past...

Start things off for the 4th with Buckshot Facelift, Huldra, Otto Man, Delaers and Thera Roya at St. Vitus.

There are also rumors of an August 1st house show in Far Rockaway so stay tuned!

BSFL 2/2014 Update and new songs


BSFL at the annual "Grinders over 30" Holiday mixer 2013.

Buckshot Facelift is currently buried underneath snow.  We are writing new material in the back of Fergus' snowplow truck and drinking homemade carrot rum. All we have to influence us is an old boombox that plays tapes slowed down because the batteries are dying and the first M.C. Hammer album on cassette. Here are some points to remember until we are thawed out just in time for St. Patrick's day...

  1. - We are playing a show in NYC March 14th. More info TBA soon.
  2. - We are recording new material this spring.
  3. - 3 members of BSFL are also in the progressive Death/Doom metal band Grey Skies Fallen, who recorded a new album recently.  Click here to listen.
  4. - 1 member of BSFL is in the technical space Death metal band Artificial Brain, who also recorded a new album recently. Click here to listen.  
  5. - You can find raw versions of 2 new songs and all sorts of old live songs and unreleased demos on our Soundcloud page. (click on the picture below to listen.).