Buckshot Facelift 2012 Update

-We have released a home made cassette, entitled "The Trainwreck Sessions". Side A is a 25 minute live session recorded at our rehearsal space on long island and side B is the edited result of hours of prank calls made by Will (vox) to Sal (drums). We'll have a bunch of copies home dubbed as soon as we get another boombox from the Salvation Army. If you're really want to get into something this stupid then email somebody. No download yet, we're working on it.

- In other news, we will be recording our third full length, "Elder's Rasp" in late March/early April. Justin Reganse has signed on, against better judgement, to engineer us once again. We had to get him really drunk this time to even talk about it. Any labels that might want to get their hands dirty can contact Bigbabybrain@gmail.com.

-Split tape w/ The Communion  coming soon... (Hi Lee)

-We have alot of shirts you never saw, more on that soon...

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