Buckshot Facelift Update 11/2012

Despite the devastating hurricane and subsequent blizzard that has effected us all and still leaves many of our NY neighbors cold and desperate, we will remain headstrong in our efforts to release our latest self financed album,
 "Elder's Rasp".

In all seriousness, Buckshot Facelift salutes the brave Firefighters, EMS, Police and humanitarian workers fighting to help our home in the wake of these events and the their aftermath. We would also like to acknowledge the I.B.E.W. workers from all parts of the United States who are doing dangerous work here to regain our electric services.

Now, let's let Tom explain what we're doing about the album...

We have many different types of contribution levels, each with different incentives, learn more by visiting our Indiegogo.com site here
And to download the album Tom is holding,"Anchors of the Armless Gods", for free click here.

Now, a word from our good friend, Joe - thanks for the support, brother!

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