BSFL 2/2014 Update and new songs


BSFL at the annual "Grinders over 30" Holiday mixer 2013.

Buckshot Facelift is currently buried underneath snow.  We are writing new material in the back of Fergus' snowplow truck and drinking homemade carrot rum. All we have to influence us is an old boombox that plays tapes slowed down because the batteries are dying and the first M.C. Hammer album on cassette. Here are some points to remember until we are thawed out just in time for St. Patrick's day...

  1. - We are playing a show in NYC March 14th. More info TBA soon.
  2. - We are recording new material this spring.
  3. - 3 members of BSFL are also in the progressive Death/Doom metal band Grey Skies Fallen, who recorded a new album recently.  Click here to listen.
  4. - 1 member of BSFL is in the technical space Death metal band Artificial Brain, who also recorded a new album recently. Click here to listen.  
  5. - You can find raw versions of 2 new songs and all sorts of old live songs and unreleased demos on our Soundcloud page. (click on the picture below to listen.).

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