Summer 2014 update

Summer is here and we have finally emerged from the Patchogue boiler room where we recorded our new
EP "Living Ghosts of the North Shore" with Keith Moore (Audio Playground). The same studio is where we recorded "Elders Rasp", for those of you who've been paying attention. Details about the release of this material will follow in the weeks to come, but for now you can come watch us play a few select shows this summer and hear the entire EP live plus some old bonus bucks from the past...

Start things off for the 4th with Buckshot Facelift, Huldra, Otto Man, Delaers and Thera Roya at St. Vitus.

There are also rumors of an August 1st house show in Far Rockaway so stay tuned!

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  1. Buckshot facelift is a really interesting name for a music group. I wonder how they came up with the name and what it means exactly. Maybe they had a friend or family member that got a facelift or something.